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Fan fiction

My Favorite Anime Couples (Part 1)

 Issac & Miria From BACCANO     Isaac and Miria are a pair of clueless and eccentric partner-in-crime lovers who dress up in costumes and commit strange robberies, such as stealing candy and even the entrance door of a museum.     Within the series, set during the Prohibition-era...

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It was going to be an eventful Saturday, the 30th of August as it was the time of the month when our favorite anime club the Delhi Anime Club (DAC) had one of its monthly group meetings, but this time it was not just a group meeting, it was...

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Interview With A Cosplayer- Kotori Mizuha

We all have a little crush on the moe characters in anime, and what’s better than a real life anime moe shoujo! Kotori is a Japanese cosplayer working for Cure & World Cosplay and visited India as a guest/judge cosplayer for Delhi Comic Con! She showed India how the...

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Astride / Life – Suga Shikao

Album Name: Astride / Life Genre: J-pop Artist: Suga Shikao Lyrics: Suga Shikao Produced by: Kobayashi Takeshi Release Date: 21-05-2014 “Astride / Life” is the 30th single of Suga Shikao. The tracks include “Life”; the main theme song of the movie “Oh! Father” and “Astride”; used in Sony Sonpo commercial....

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Web and Tutorials

How to Surf Blocked Websites?

We have all come across that situation where a website is blocked in our country for specific reasons. This is done by the authorities to penalize the websites for breaking the country specific cyber rules. BUT in the midst of this legal interference, users might end up experiencing inaccessibility to...

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Racing Miku 2014 Version

Under Hatsune Miku GT project, “GOODSMILE RACING & TeamUKYO” are participating in the competition for GT300 class at “SUPER GT” in 2014, one of most prominent motor race events in Japan. A character figure of “Racing Miku 2014 Version”, 1/8 scale, will be released soon! Pre-Orders Opening on August...

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Anime Reign Magazine (October Edition) Art Contest

ANIME REIGN MAGAZINE (OCTOBER EDITION) ART CONTEST! Three selected artists get 30 US $ each. How to participate? Select as much series from the provided list of anime and submit your digital artworks of the concerned anime characters, fan arts or scenes from the anime/manga in a zip or...

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Fate Stay Night Noodles

Ufotable cafes around Japan have come up with an innovative method to compliment the release of Fate/Stay Night, this year. Somen noodles will be sold in a branded Fate/Stay Night box, with a shiny vinyl coat finish.So apparently it is not as if the ingredients are special or magical,...

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