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Rin is an NBB (Nice Booty Bombshell)

Ufotable knows how to make some aspects of a boring talky episode interesting. The amazing trick they employed in the recent episode was a shot of Rin Tohsaka bending over highlighting her slender and shapely waist with a perfectly shaped behind. Rin is a gorgeous beauty and this still...

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‘Working!!’ Manga To End On 7th November

Yup, the 21st issue of Young Gangan magazine announced that the final chapter of Karino Takatsu’s Working!! Manga will be published in the next issue and also the final one! Sad for all you fans~    The magazine had previously announced that the final compiled volume of the manga...

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Anime Reviews

Spice and Wolf | Anime Review

*This is a non-spoiler review of both seasons of Spice and Wolf When I first found out about Spice and Wolf I was skeptical. I had heard that the series revolved around monetary and economic principles, and wondered how entertaining a like that could be. I’d also heard that...

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My NYCC Adventures

Disclaimer: My photos were taken on my old phone, so sorry for crappy quality, or unprofessional like shots. I also only went on Thursday so this is not a comprehensive coverage. I am also not objective and only really looked for anime stuff. It was a split minute decision....

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