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World Anime Club

A Random Invention of Some Anime Fans.

World Anime Club: A Random Invention of Some Anime Fans

Noblesse 360

on Wed, Jul 1, 2015 | By Apocalyptus

Alright, so after a long pause (just like the writer of the Manhwa) I’m back. Before I get to the latest chapter review let me give you a little gist of what happened recently (since my last review was of chapter 340 I will tell you a little of everything in between). Multiple character deaths, numerous entries, power-ups, return of the bad-a** werewolf former leader...

Artist in Focus: KawaiiAeon

on Mon, Jun 22, 2015 | By Crimson HellFire

Determination, Dominance, Persevering, Practical, Willful – these are usual characteristics attributed to a Capricorn and this precisely defines KawaiiAeon. She is an artist and a budding author from India who is gaining a lot of attention in social media these days. So in this post we will be browsing through her profile and portfolio and get to know her better. Usually...

10 Hot Male Anime Characters

on Thu, Jun 4, 2015 | By Lance

Anime Gives us a break from reality and real people. A lot of you will agree that anime characters are much better than real people. Here are 10 male anime characters which are not only hot but also have good personalities….Or twisted ones.  Sebastian MichaelisSebastian from Kuroshitsuji is one hell of a butler. Not only does he have devilishly beautiful looks,...

“Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 – In Netflix

knights of sidonia season 2 netflix
on Thu, Jun 4, 2015 | By Crimson HellFire

All the 12 episodes of “Knight of Sidonia” Season 2 will be airing in Netflix on July 3rd. It is really good to see Netflix taking on more anime shows. On a side note, another anime which will be airing in Japan on July is “Dragon Ball: Super”. Though unlikely, it would be really good if we get an English dubbed version the same week of Japanese release. The...

Awesome Saber Artwork

saber artwork
on Mon, Jun 1, 2015 | By Necromanzer

Here is an amazing saber artwork published by a Pixiv artist. This is really ultra realistic. I am collecting more pictures of saber, which will be published as a gallery soon. ...

Things You Must Know About Japanese Food

Soba as seen in Little Busters
on Sun, May 10, 2015 | By Lance

You can understand anime and manga simply by watching or reading them. But there are some things you might not understand about Japanese Foods. Here are some basic things you should know to understand manga and anime better. Note: this is not a total guide to Japanese foods. It is to clear misunderstandings and also to give a slight knowledge about Japanese foods for better...

Manga Making Process – Basics

on Wed, Apr 29, 2015 | By Lance

Manga are fun to read and nice to look at. But do you know what’s going on behind the scenes? Let’s sum up the process and look at the working of the editorial office and the mangaka’s work place. Here are some basics you should know!Let’s suppose this is your journey. You are an aspiring manga artist and want to approach a company to publish your...